1. Do I need any technical knowledge?
    A: No worries, you don't need any prior experience or knowledge on how to build a website. You can build your website by using Sytion’s easy drag and drop functionality.

2. Is Sytion free?
   A: Yes, it is free! :). You can create your website for free and publish it for free making use of the Sytion domain name. But in case you want to have a little bit more, like e.g. your own domain name, you have to choose one of our subscription plans.

3. Is it possible to edit/update my website after publishing it?
   A: Yes, you can edit/update your published website at anytime without any restrictions.

4. Can I use my own domain name?
    A: Yes you can! If you already have a registered domain name you simply need to connect your domain name with your Sytion website via your domain name supplier (domain registrar). Contact us via in case you need any help in doing so.

5. Is hosting included?
   A: Yes, hosting is included. You can choose between free hosting or one of our special hosting plans.

6. Can I optimize my website as per SEO point of view?
    A: Yes, Sytion come with inbuilt SEO functionality? You can add your keywords, meta description, .... It’s really easy to SEO-optimize your website.

7. Can i track my website performance?
    A: Yes, you can track your website performance and website visitors making use of Google Analytics.

8. Do you provide support?
   A: Yes, we have customer support. If you have any queries please send an email to