1. How many templates/websites can I make in one Sytion account?
    A: With Sytion you can make as many websites and templates you want. There is no limit to your creativity.

2. How can I make money with the share and earn program?
    A: After creating your template, you can share it with the community. You define yourself the price for your template. Keep in mind that the price will also influence people’s decision to purchase your template or not.
Each time when someone selects your template and publishes his/her website based on your template, you earn money.  Your share will be credited to your Sytion’s account. You can see your earnings in the ‘My earnings’ section of your Sytion account.

3. Do I need to pay money to create templates?
   A: No, you do not need to pay any money to create and share Sytion templates and to start earning money with them. The only thing you need is your creativity and time.

4. Is there any video tutorial to watch before getting started with Sytion?
   A: Yes, Sytion has its own Youtube channel where you can watch several video tutorials. Click here to go to our YouTube channel.

5. Can I edit HTML of my site?
    A: You don’t need to. We have built Sytion in such a way that you can create your website by simple drag and drop options.

6. Do I have to pay a commission to Sytion when selling a template?
    A: Yes, to cover our costs and to allow us to keep investing in Sytion, we are charging a small commission of maximum 20% of your template price.

7. Can I define the price for my templates?
    A: Yes you can. And even more, there are no limitations to the price you can give to your template.

8. Will I get paid immediately when I sell a template?
    A: At this moment we will pay your earnings once a month.

9. Are there any limitations on my earnings?
    A: There are no limitations to your earnings. The more templates you sell, the more you will earn. Increase your earnings by actively promoting your templates on social media, by informing your friends and relatives, …